Sunlounger Buying Guide!

sun loungers

With so many options it can be overwhelming to settle for a perfect type of sun lounger for your space. When the weather is warm and the sun is peeping, it’s the right time to bring out your sun lounger for some relaxing time. Everyone has a sun lounger in their house, it’s very common now. All it takes is a balcony, terrace, or a garden when the summer welcomes you. Not to forget the comfort that comes along with the sun lounger. Here is a guide of what to look for when buying a sun lounge outdoor furniture afterpay for your space.

Important features:

  • Type
  • Material
  • Care
  • Accessories
  • The recliner, essential garden furniture:

A reclining sun lounge gives you multiple seating options to assure you comfort. They can be used indoors in the garden as well as outdoors on a beach. They are usually made up of aluminium,  outdoor furniture afterpay which gives it a contemporary look. Generally, sun loungers are kept in the garden, but that’s not restricted to its functionality. Other factors need to be taken into an account before buying sun loungers i.e. material type, comfort, and budget.

Sunlounger, recliner, deckchair, and sunbed. What’s the difference?

  • Sun loungers and recliners:

There is no such difference between a recliner and sun loungers. It’s just simple confusion, the only difference is with the manufacturers. You can lounge on a recliner or recline on a lounge, it’s the same thing.

  • Sunbed and deckchair:

Similarly, recliners and deckchairs are more or less the same. Deckchairs have wooden legs with stretchable fabric on the top of it allowing you to recline comfortably. While sunbed gives your lower body extra rest with a backrest that supports the back and head both.

  • Fixed or folding models:

Highly practical and adjustable folding designs come in handy and can be kept back in storage after use. This folding sun lounge is suitable for places with less space and storage. One more thing to note, it can be moved easily outdoor furniture afterpay as they are light in weight and perfect in size. One with the wheels is more flexible in use.

  • Flat sunbeds:

Flat sunbeds are ideal for poolside parties or beach as they are good enough for sun tanning. The design is made in such a way that your back is exposed to the sun, a warm and peaceful short nap won’t be a hurdle. The backrest makes your sunbed flat. Flat sunbeds are available in many materials.

  • Adjustable or multi-position recliners:

The s-shaped sun loungers overture ergonomic design and comfort. The design lets your body slip into the shape, keeping it relaxed and cozy. They are optimal for people with back issues or people who have a problem getting up straight. Usually, these chairs are made up of aluminium and Textilene.

These chairs are also suitable for sunbathing, reading, and sleeping in peace. The design has promised comfort with wide armrests. These loungers allow you to fully recline or sit partially.

Materials available for sun loungers:

sun loungers

sun loungers

Each material has its distinct benefits, now that you know about the shapes and sizes of the sun lounge you also need to know about the materials. The choice of material depends on the design, budget, and comfort.

  • PVC:

The leverage of PVC comes down to its features, which include cost, low maintenance, and durability. PVC sun loungers never go out of style, they are all-seasoned fashion. The material is worth the cost, but it may require a cushion for extra comfort as the material used is a bit hard.

  • Resin:

Woven resin is similar to PVC, but what makes it stand out is its appearance and look. They are moderately classy and appealing. There are to main types of resin, woven resin (attractive) and moulded resin (low-end). The use of cushion along with the lounger is recommended for added comfort.

  • Aluminium:

The lightweight sun loungers made up of aluminium is easy to carry and store once used. The frame of these loungers is made up of aluminium, they are rust-resistant. They give a fine finish and sleek design.

  • Wood:

Wood loungers are timeless in style and look beautiful in the garden. The material is ideal if you want a sturdy look for your back. The maintenance is easy and quick. Mostly sun loungers are made of ‘Teak’, while others are made up of Acacia and pine. Wood grants an addition to your garden, it looks exotic and fresh throughout the year.

  • Seating material, Textilene:

If the sea material and the frame material is not the same then it is usually made up of Textilene. Textilene is a soft, flexible, and synthetic fabric made up of woven PVC fibres.

Essential sun lounger accessories:

sun loungers

sun loungers

  • Recliner mattress and cushions:

The style with comfort- we recommend buying a cushion with a removable cover, this makes it easier to keep it clean. Cushions or mattresses are highly recommended for sun loungers as they absorb excessive heat and provide comfort on solid seats. To expand the lifespan of your cushions and mattress, store them somewhere dry.

  • Recliner covers:

Recliner covers act as an extra layer of protection from UV rays directly entering into your body. It also protects from inclement weather. They are suitable for winter.

  • Sunshades:

Another layer of protection from sun rays- sun shades as the name suggests acts as a mini parasol.

5 tips to choose the best sun lounger:

sun loungers

sun loungers

  1. Go for collapsible sun loungers for accessible storage in the backyard or garage.
  2. Get sun lounger with wheels if you want to move it around easily.
  3. The type of material you choose for the sun lounger should be in consideration with size, maintenance, and weather condition.
  4. Match the style of your sun lounger with the outdoor lounge set.
  5. Add cushions and mattresses for additional comfort.

Once you are sorted and cleared with the option that suits you the most, think no more. With all these elements mentioned above, I hope it’s easy to conclude the right option. Happy sunbathing! Buy the best sun loungers only at Mattress Discount!

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