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May 7, 2021
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How to Choose the Right Table Bar?

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The choice of the right bar table can enhance the style of your bar or pub. It is a bit tricky to find the right bar table because multiple options confuse you about choosing the right one. To determine the best among the various options, you have to be careful in looking at all the factors that are involved in the process of buying the bar tables. Because purchasing bar furniture is more complex than purchasing other pieces of furniture, here is a simple guide to making your way to choose the best for your home or commercial purposes.

Choose the Correct Height

bar tableThe first thing you need to consider is the height of your bar table because size ensures the user’s comfortability. The bar tables are usually weighted and elevated tables because bar chairs or stools are narrow and tall. So, the height of the bar table must be according to the size of the bar stools. 

You can choose the usual heightened bar table if you have regular-sized bar chairs but if you have to pair a bar table with the higher bar stools, choose an increased table and a counter-sized table. 

You can also choose the adjustable bar tables. In the adjustable tables, you can adjust the height according to the chairs or your comfortability.

Choose the Right Size

Choosing the right size of the bar table is essential. The size of the table is directly relative to the size of space you have in your home. Measuring the size of your area or your bar room will narrow down the choice, and it will help you stay focused on a particular length of tables rather than moving around the store and checking every bar table that you see.

Another critical factor in choosing the right size of the table is the seating space because you do not have to look at the size of the table but also consider that after lacing the bar table in your room, there is enough space for seating. It is advised to leave 18-inch length on all sides of the bar table so your bar stools can fit in.

The furniture must also not look weird and occupy much of the floor space, so measuring your area is very important. You should purchase the bar furniture, so there is enough space to accommodate all your guests not to buy a smaller size.

You can choose bar storage tables because they will be more convenient and the purpose of your storage and decoration will be fulfilled. The bar storage tables are smartly designed to work as tables, and the storage cabinets store your bare essentials.

Choose the Right Shape

bar tableThere is a wide choice in the shapes in the bar furniture. They are available in exotic, traditional, sophisticated, and modern designs. You can choose from the square, rectangular, round, or corner tables. The shape of the bar table is selected by the space available in your home. If you have enough space in your bar room for your bar furniture, you can choose the rectangular or square tables that are large. But if you are limited on space, you can go for the corner tables. The corner bar tables provide an efficient and intelligent setting of the bar furniture.

 They can be placed in the corner of the room, which will look best and wise for entertainment while occupying less space in the room. Round tables are also suitable for tight spaces because they occupy less space.

You can also choose the storage bar tables where some shelves and compartments act as the wine racks. You can also keep the decoration pieces or wine bottles in the storage bar tables for serving both purposes. The storage bar tables are space-friendly, so we recommend you choose them for a mess-free appearance.

Choose the Tabletop Material

The choice of the material varies from the natural hardwoods, veneers, laminations, and class materials for the tabletops. The tabletops for every bar table have to be durable, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean. The voice of the bar tabletop must be done by keeping in mind the ease in taking care of it. 

If you want a wooden look for your bar furniture, you can choose the hardwoods that are sturdy and scratch-resistant. There are various colors and textures in the woods, so choose the darker shades because they are comparatively easier to maintain as they are not stained easily. 

If you want to use the bar table for the drinks and meal serving, choose the tabletop made of ABS plastic or glass easy to wipe. ABs plastic gives a broader spectrum to choose different designs, patterns, and colors you can choose according to your preference.

There are laminates or veneers that are non-durable but come with various designs. There are also faux leather table tops for the customers to add a more luxurious and sturdy look.

Choose the Place

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You have to choose the place where you are going to place your bar furniture. The choice of material is dependent on its indoor or outdoor placement. Any material can work perfectly indoors. If you want outdoor bar furniture, see if the material is weather resistant. The bar tables and chairs have to be exposed to the climatic conditions directly, which might damage them. So it is advisable to differentiate between indoor materials and outdoor materials.

While choosing bar furniture for outdoors, the material must be waterproof so it does not chip or crack because of the rainwater, and it should be UV resistant so the sunlight does not damage the appearance. Powder-coated steel, hardwoods, or poly rattan bar furniture is perfect for the outdoors because they are more durable for open-air, but you still have to take care of it. You can also choose the folding bar tables because they can prove more space-friendly and portable for both indoors and outdoors.

If you have considered all the above factors, your next step will be to choose a store to buy the storage bar table, so we recommend selecting HR Sports, where a wide variety is waiting for you to be delivered to your home.

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