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The reason you might be feeling less confident of yourself through your day could vary
between a light setback, having to find your stand through your retirement life, and even
something you didn’t even know existed in your life. That’s why, the very philosophy of
ECH, and the vision with which it was founded, does not make it any less deserving of your
attention (if not more) – however “confident” you may find yourself to be.
And thus, ECH stand for “Enabling Confidence at Home”.
Being confident, particularly for people of old age (to whom initially the services of ECH
were aimed for), can be some kind of a chore that can’t be got on to be done instinctively. It
might not necessarily demand medical assistance, but could be something simply
“challenging”. It might be a physical problem regarding how they take so much time and
effort to do simple activities such as bending down or sitting upright. It might be a mental
problem – insecurity if you will – caused by the physical problem. It could be even about a
psychological limitation of their voice-box, and because of that, they have to stutter before
finding the right word.
Problems like these could drastically reduce the confidence of people who are on a steep dive
into “aging.”
ECH Occupational Therapists are those who can be met within one of the various centers
located around Adelaide – Henley Beach, Morphett Vale, Victor Harbor and Greenacres – or
can be requested for a consultation in whatever place that you call home. The main services
of an occupational therapist – and those that you may not know you are in actual need of –
include understanding your goals, your physical and mental abilities, and helping you move
toward your goals just so you can feel confident again.
The analysis that the occupational therapists make is top-notch, and to the extent that they
know what to do to help make a safer environment. They rearrange your furniture so as to
help you walk less on your way to them. They place things around in your house in such a
way that you have the least chance of tripping over a protrusion. Whatever small obscurity
you might have overlooked will be sought out by them, and then changed in such a way that
you can become confident you won’t ever be bugged by one.
These, however, are the beginning of the more important services that this company can lift
your lifestyle with. After the usage of ECH’s services, people who felt helpless before will
feel confident once again. Confident that there couldn’t be a part of their physical or
psychological lifestyle that wasn’t already looked at twice, or that was overlooked.

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