Choosing the right Indoor Plants Stand to fit into your Space!

Plant Stand

Indoor house plant pots don’t just make your house look pretty but they give a refreshing and soothing feeling as well. Many people choose to keep indoor plants to improve oxygen levels and enhance the purity inside the house. This is also scientifically proven that indoor plants have therapeutic effects as well. Indoor plants help you to fight against anxiety, depression, and lower down the blood pressure levels. The greenery is the color of peace and stability. Plants send your brain signals of happiness, they release such chemicals that make you happy when you see greenery. 

The problem with indoor plants is the space they take, the proper management of plants is a difficult task. Plant pots can’t be kept indoors openly, they can break or might grow widely taking a lot of space, here is when a plant stand comes to the rescue. You choose the plant pots and stand accordingly.

The material used for plant stands:

There are many materials of which indoor plant stands are made up of iron, wood, metal, bamboo, and wicker. Material is a choice

How to choose a stand for your plants?

Indoor Plant Stands

Well, here your expertise and smartness will come handy. Always get indoor plants that are medium or small in size if you want to keep them organized. Too big plants will take space and grow wildly. The size of the stand will depend on the size of the plants you have. It is recommended to buy plants and stand together at the same time so the size will fit in the stand perfectly. Choose a stand that supports multiple plants. In this way, the flexibility of the space expands and you can keep more plants in one stand.

One of the most important parts of choosing the right stand is to know where to keep it. Making sure all the pots are of the same size and require equal care. Just because they are indoor plants doesn’t mean they can be kept anywhere like the kitchen. Even indoor plants need a certain temperature to grow and stay fresh. So choose a place wisely and get a stand according to its space.

The weight of the plants are another factor that should be considered while buying a plant stand. Make sure the size and weight of the pots are equal or light weighted so the stand can hold it. Some indoor plants need more sunlight to grow, if you have such plants make sure to get a stand that has a good height to ensure the plants get sunlight properly. If you have plants that don’t need sunlight then get a stand which is 3ft from the ground.

Normal outdoor plant stands have larger space in the bottom side and little space on the top. Place bigger plants in the bottom and small plants to hang on top. This way the size and weight of the plants will be managed simultaneously. If you don’t have indoor space where your plants get enough sunlight then get a stand which has a built-in light to grow the plants.

If investing in a stand seems expensive then recycle things within the house like an old chair. Take off the seat and put a plant that fits in that place. Later you can paint the chain and make it look vintage. Today A-frame ladders are mostly used as an indoor plant organizer.

They look aesthetic and creative. One more thing to keep in mind before choosing plants and standing in the light, if you choose to keep indoor plants in your room then check if the sunlight directly comes through if yes then place your plants there only. Some indoor plants like cactus need light to grow. Place your stand exactly where the light comes.

If you can’t find a perfect size stand you can make it yourself as well from an old stool or old hanging frame will also work fine. If you have a tall plant like a snake plant you will need a small height stand and if you have small plants you can have a multiple level indoor plant stands where you can keep all the small pots together.

Which material is suitable for plant stands?

The material you select depends upon the weather condition of that place. Some material will work fine indoors while others are made for outdoor purpose and some will work for both. Let’s look for some materials that are suitable for indoor plants.

Wooden stand :

Wooden indoor plant stands camouflage with the furniture easily making it go with the whole interior. Wooden plant stands can be used for dual purposes, for keeping plant pots as well as a decoration piece. Wooden plant stands can be polished to regain its original shape and color after some time. So it’s a good choice.

Metal plant stands :

Metals like copper or brass are perfect if your furniture is made up of iron metal. Metal outdoor plant stands are light weighted and don’t take a lot of space. They are best for indoor purposes because they won’t get rusty after some time. They can match with your interior as well as and are quite affordable. This stand will work with urban and modern houses with moderate weather.

Ceramic plant stands or pots :

Nothing matches the classy and elegant look of ceramic. Ceramic pots are lightly weighted you can keep them on a wooden stand. They give a very nice and stubble look to your room. But one thing not to forget, ceramics are very easily broken so if there are kids in the house avoid using ceramic stand or pots.

Well, this was all about the indoor plant stands. These indoor plant stands have made it easy and neat to organize your indoor plants. It’s even easy to water these plant pots (if needed) because all are going to be at one place. It’s easy to take look after indoor plants when they are all at one place. These outdoor plant stands are available everywhere and can be custom made. Choose the stand material wisely keeping the temperature and sunlight direction in mind.

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