A boom of Confetti Cannon makes your day WOW!

It is said that our surroundings have a phenomenal influence on our psychology and it can also be the vice versa where our psychology influences our surroundings. We know that the colours around us too influence our mood. Too much grey around us creates a dull mood. Having bright colour around makes us exciting and stimulating. Even the monotonous routine will find a solace with the notice of a colourful portrait on the wall. Whenever there is a celebration, there is Joy, love, fun and definitely so many colours. The confetti Canon has become the necessary part of any Celebration as it provides great jubilance and showers of colours. The confetti has become the to-do list in any celebration or party. Nowadays the craze for confetti Canons has heightened so much that it is used to reveal the gender of the baby. Having a baby is so much joy and the gender reveal confetti cannon announce the gender of the baby and bring more liveliness to the light of the moment. Usually in the gender reveal holi powder, the blue colour is for boy and the pink is for girl and thus the parents reveal their baby’s gender accordingly. Nowadays these cannons come with lots of innovation and creativity to uplift the cheerfulness of the occasion.  In the Indian context, the joy of colours is exhibited in the festival of Holi. During this festival, the flashy and glittery bright colour powders are sprinkled and applied to each other to share the merriment of the day. The usage of colours had not stopped with celebrations. It can create or alter the mood of the audience and hence the expressiveness of colours had become a major part of a stage performance. The extraordinary visual treat created through the laser lights and the fluorescent paint-coated characters performing mime show reveal the necessity of colours in a stage event. The UV body glow and face glow paints has become the new trend of the day in stage enactments. The talent of the performers is multiplied and exemplified with the help of the face and body paints reaching the multitude effectively. The usage of colours in celebration and stage performances may give the appearance of an extravagance but in actuality, it becomes a necessity because we are bonded with colours and there is nothing wrong in celebrating and recognizing its influence on us.

Colours are blended in our day to day life. My father frowns that he is bound in red tape in his job and is frightened that he may soon be given pink slip; my mother says he is yellow –bellied; my grandmother says it is not a problem, he can do farming because he has a green thumb; my grandfather says he knows a man who can influence and if dad grabs this golden opportunity, he will definitely come out with flying colours for us to celebrate the occasion with confetti cannons. So choose multitude of colours around you and paint your life with gay.

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