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Air Mattress Buying Guide

If it’s your In-laws that come unannounced for a visit overnight or you’re hosting friends of your child for a sleeping party, you’ll need a decent air mattress (or two or three) to give visitors a good night’s sleep. Your prestige as a host is on the line! Usually, air mattresses are made of PVC and can be blown up in just a few minutes, either directly or using a motorized air pump.

They are also great for hiking, in addition to supporting as guest beds. They will cost between $10 and several hundred dollars anywhere they go. They have acquired a bit more luxury over the years than just one big slab of air-filled plastic. Some have features such as built-in pillow tops and ribbed sides which make pulling a fitted sheet and over side simpler and keeping it in place.

How to Choose an Air Mattress

air mattress

air mattress

When we evaluate air mattresses, it’s a deflection that is the first aspect we’re looking for, how much it decays over time. (CR measures queen-size inflatable mattresses.) A flabby mattress can mean that the air could flash out when you’re sleeping — potentially giving you a morning back problem.

In our experiments, we put weights weighing more than 250 pounds on a mattress and measure how much more the surface depresses by taking multiple measurements over the course of an hour.

We also rate inflatable bed based on comfort. Will a mattress blow up forever? (Shocker: Blowing up one device in our tests took a whopping 6 minutes)

Are the mattress heavy and a pain to store? Our technicians consider whether a version comes with a storage bag or package, and its total size and weight when it’s rolled up, to see if it’s comfortable for storage.

A single height air mattress.


There are also single height inflatable mattresses that do not come with pumps, only tubes that you can blow in. For camping trips, they are perfect because they are lightweight, compact, and simple to roll up. The downside is they aren’t as friendly and can deflate faster. If you buy one for house guests, you may want a model with an integrated pump or an extension pump.

Single-Height Air Mattress Ratings

A double-height air mattress.


Double height inflatable mattresses resemble a real mattress and feel much more comfortable than an inflatable bed of one height. They are great as a guest bed, and they almost always arrive with an electric air pump which makes them less of a chore to get filled. Many have a fluffy surface of vinyl which helps sheets remain in place.

Double-Height Air Mattress Ratings

Sheets or No Sheets?

Apart from a rough surface that lets sheets remain in place, some double-height versions have a lip, or rib, on the side of the air mattress that lets “lock” a fitted sheet onto the mattress. You wouldn’t need a lip for single-height inflatable mattresses, since the height of the mattress is low enough to tuck under the corners at the ends of the fitted cover.

Claimed Support Capacity

You can find how often weight an air mattress will carry on the packaging mentioned. For example, Simmons claims that the Beautyrest Hi Loft Raised queen-size inflatable bed can carry as much as 700 pounds. Bear in mind that a higher stated ability does not inherently mean a mattress is of better quality or longer lasting consistency. In our testing, several of the better double-height mattresses had similar reported capacity.

After you deflate their inflatable mattress on the annoying thing: they can become clumsy, heavy tarpaulins, it is difficult to fold and carry. However, if you ball to them, and push a closet, it may damage them. When buying a cushion, check to see if it comes with a storage bag and whether the company prior to how to fold it properly stores the backup command. In our convenient test, to see if we include a storage bag. We also measured each folded cushion; the measure of a model may need much closet space when not in use.

Do I Need An Air Pump?

Higher-priced air mattresses usually are equipped with an electric pump. An inflatable electric pump is to accelerate the time to be useful, it can save you trying to find your air mattress pump or pump part for trouble. (Not every air pump is suitable for all mattresses). On the downside, the pump can be packaged and stored more challenging. If you plan to go camping with the cushion, you have a better model, you can blow through a tube expansion.

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inflatable bed

inflatable bed

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