5 Basic Tips When It Comes To Diesel Engine Care

Most of us think that owning a diesel car is a lot cheaper than other vehicles that run on petrol. What they fail to realise is they can be more costly when it comes to repairs. With proper maintenance, you can get your car up and run for more miles to come, and minor repairs are needed.

To get the best performance, then one of the things you need to do is to take care of your diesel car. Make sure to keep on reading if you already have a diesel car or if you plan on getting one!

Cleanliness Is A Must

Dirt, grime and debris accumulate on your engine over time, so make sure to clean it every once in a while. Doing routine engine cleaning will ensure the preservation of this car part. This act ensures you’ll have clean air, fuel and oil that are essential for a longer lasting road-life.

Change Oil As Frequently As Possible

Diesel engine oil is essential in keeping your engine up and running. It lubricates, protects and cools your engine which is what your engine needs to keep on functioning well. How often you change your diesel will always depend on your usage. For example, if you use your vehicle to tow, or if you usually do hard-driving, you may require to change your Diesel engine oil more frequently. Otherwise, change oil advisable every time you hit the five-kilometre mark. If you want to keep the efficiency of your diesel engine, make sure to have your mechanic do a routine oil change.

Read Your Owner’s Manual

Many of us overlook our car’s manual, but it is one practice that needs to stop. Manuals are created and included in products for a reason, so make sure to take advantage of it. This can be helpful whenever you’re uncertain about a task, and can even answer some of your car-related questions. This guide will serve as your car’s bible and can tell you the things you need to do to ensure you achieve proper maintenance.

Get Your Car Effective Air Filters

You need to have your air filters by a trusted mechanic do it for you so you‘ll have a longer lasting diesel engine. You can also do it yourself. You may not even need to remove the air filter to have a look. Keeping your air filter clean and free from dust, grime, dirt or any debris can help prevent oil contamination as well as mechanical damages.

Have It Checked By A Professional

If there is only one advice you can rely on to maintain your diesel engine, it would be to ask for help from an expert. A licensed mechanic can help you keep your car in excellent condition and can offer many tips on the way. Also, an auto mechanic can do the dirty job for you, giving you a peace of mind and lots of time to focus on more important things all for a fair price.


These are just five basic tips in maintaining diesel engine. Protecting the turbocharger, monitoring the coolant, changing the fuel filters and draining water separators are also some of the things you can do. Make sure to do proper maintenance to keep your diesel engine car happy and healthy, always.

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