5 Activities You Wouldn’t Want To Miss While On A Kimberley Adventure

If you’ve never tried spending your vacation on a cruise before, or haven’t experienced what it’s like to explore the beauty of Kimberley, then now is that perfect time to book your holiday. Why? This part of Western Australia has a lot of things to offer, and riding on a luxurious cruise is the best way to experience Kimberley like no other.

When in Australia, some of the most breathtaking views, go-to tourist spots, and once-in-a-lifetime experience are within fingers reach once you start your Kimberley adventures. But what exactly is in store for you? Let’s find out.

Breathtaking Camel Sunset Rides

If you love watching sunsets, then be ready to get your mind blown once you experience the one-of-a-kind sunset viewing Cable Beach has to offer. Not only can you watch the setting of the blazing sun on a gorgeous beach, but you can do so while riding friendly camels. Professional guides are there to help you to make sure of your safety while you enjoy the incredible view.

Unique Berkeley River Lodge

Sitting on top of coastal dunes, you’ll never find another villa as gorgeous as the Berkeley River Lodge. Only the privileged ones can stay here as you’ll need a helicopter flight or a luxurious cruise to reach the villa. During your stay on the lodge, feast your eyes with the stunning landscapes, tranquil waters, and fantastic wildlife.

Iconic Whale Watching and Boat Tours

Love whales and other creatures in the water? Then you’ll surely love the boat tours that lets you watch the magnificent Whale Sharks and Humpbacks. Feeling a little bit more adventurous? You can also swim with them for a close encounter at the Ningaloo Reef!

Fun Fishing and Water Activities

You won’t only find humpbacks and whale sharks here in Kimberley. The diverse wildlife in Ningaloo Reef lets you enjoy watching different kinds of marine animals and reef environments while swimming and snorkelling. Those who love fishing would surely jump for joy after hooking up a sailfish, northwest snapper, or giant trevally among many excellent catches to fish. One can also enjoy the waters by swimming, snorkelling, diving or boating.

Scenic Mitchell Falls Flight and Walk Adventure

Mitchell Falls is one of the top go-to tourist spots in Kimberley. To experience this stunning tourist spot, one gets to enjoy a scenic flight to Kununurra first. The landing will be on Mitchell Plateau, and from there, 4WDs will take you to your destination until you reach the aboriginal rock art after a series of guided walks. An Instagram-worthy helicopter ride will then carry you towards the beautiful Mitchell Falls.

Sounds tempting? You’d be at a loss for words once you entirely get that chance to experience what a real Kimberley Adventure is. With all the views to see, all the activities you can do and all the place to visit, you’ll never run out of joy in this side of Western Australia. So, what are you waiting for? Book your trip now and enjoy all the great things Kimberley has to offer.

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